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To be a leader among the private business schools in India, by proactively engaging with our stakeholders in academics, research and skill development and bench-marking ourselves with the best-in-class standards of business education.


Empower – Empower Individuals to achieve their managerial and entrepreneurial potential.

Innovate – Develop innovative teaching and learning methodologies.

Research – Focus on academic and industry based research relevant to the region.

Nurture – Enhance the institute’s visibility, growth and value by espousing ethics and social responsibility and by collaborating with institutional and professional stakeholder groups.

MBA Programme Educational Objectives


To be a competent Manager


To identify and prepare for entrepreneurial opportunities


To deliver value to society stakeholders


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Vision Statement

To be a leading global network of PSG Management alumni, committed to fostering lifelong connections, promoting excellence in management education, and making a positive impact on society.

Mission Statement

The PSG Management Alumni Association exists to provide a platform for PSG Management alumni to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate on initiatives that contribute to the growth and development of the institute, its students, and society at large.

Our mission is to:

  • Foster a strong bond among PSG Management alumni and  the institute.
  • Support the personal and professional development of our  alumni.
  • Promote the values of PSG Management, including ethics, diversity, and social responsibility.
  • Contribute to the growth and development of the institute and its students.We strive to achieve our mission through various programs and  initiatives that enable our alumni to network, learn, and grow. We believe that by working  together, we can create a community of accomplished individuals who are committed to making a positive  impact on the world.